31 January 2013

January Spin In - Part The Fibre

Ok....so once again, I made the pilgrimage to Destin, FL for the Spin In...and did I spin....yes...over a pound.  The first photos are of Jan's batts spun....very fun and beautiful.  These are slotted to go into my sampler wrap. 
So, the sampler idea came from Phyllis, who was sporting her beautiful sampler and I just had to try my own.  Basically, what I'm doing is knitting a simple wrap on the bias, which whatever stitch comes to mind....they key being that I'm using bits of handspun.....all different bits. 
I decided it would be fun to spin both sport weight and bulky weight...two wraps on the horizon....I ended up with a third wrap...so three on the needles, three different weights, all different stitches and fibre....lovely.

The second set of photos is from the Spin In Challenge.  This year was the 25th anniversary (only my second year), so Leslie (of our little group from Pensacola) gave us each a kit with 4 ounces of fibre in different colors to spin and craft at will. 
I decided to take the four colours and combine to grade the shades.  We'll see what I knit, but I love the spun results.

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Karen said...

Great colors!