02 January 2013

What I'd Like for 2013

Ok....so I've been thinking about this a lot....and did start a mental list....you know, while you're in the shower..."I'd really like to do that" or while you're washing dishes, "I have to remember to see that" or while you're lying in bed trying to sleep...."I'd like to go there"  or "I need see so and so"....you know, that random mental list.  So I decided to put some of it out here...

1.  I'd like this year to be the year that I begin to age gracefully.  I've been waiting, but I'm sure this is the year.

2.  I would like to actually use some of the yarn I have stashed.  I look at it and can usually remember what I intended it for when purchased (see #1 - still have the memory most of the time), but somehow....all the new projects just get in the way.

3.  I would like to put all my recipes in one place, seriously....ONE place.

4.  I would like to read some of the books in my pile before buying a new one.  (The new ones are just so shiny and seem so much better.)

5.  I'd like to see my Mum more.  I'd like to see all of my family more.

6.  I'd like make the trek to water more often.  While it is beautiful in Nashville, it's land-locked....very much land-locked.  Enough........for those of you here, Percy Priest lake does not count.

7.  Why am I still knitting socks for myself when I spend half of the winter wearing shoes barefooted?  Why are socks like crack?  Enough with the socks.

8.  I would like to try some new wines....ok....that shouldn't be too difficult and it certainly isn't revolutionary for me.

9.  I would like to squish my little man more frequently.  A given.  (He was a lamb in the Christmas Pageant...as in the pic above....serious squishing needed.)

10.  I would like to stop making lists in my head at night instead of sleeping.

I hope you all have a happy new year....much happiness all around.

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