28 February 2013


Ok....so thanks to Meg (Knitnotes in Ravelry), I have started monitoring my knitting and spinning for the year in miles.  Ha!!  The metres can be found on the left sidebar of the blog page.  Not everything is in there yet, but it's a start.  I have decided not to count all the knitting I do/have done that was frogged because I didn't like it...happens way to often and this year it's been a frogging kind of year so far.  I should have a frog metre...  Although it probably wipe out my knit metre at this point.

Anyway...fun...check it out and I'll be keeping up with distance.

On another note....just a thought/observation....why is it that if you're in a movie theatre of 250 seats with very few viewers, the next person in has to sit right by you?  Or the five people in the theatre have to cluster together?  Is there a human need to huddle?  Must we hear each other breathe and crunch popcorn?  Do we instinctively need to connect even in a setting which can be solitary?  Also....really, how much perfume is enough? 

1 comment:

captainhook said...

A frog meter! Hilarious!

And I agree re the perfume. Some people must think they really stink to pile on that much perfume!