21 February 2013

New Spins

Ok....new spins.....much fun.  The colors are from Dicentra....Lisa does beautiful saturated colors that spin into lovely yarns.  Both of these were just spun and plied back to each other randomly.  Love it.  I still have more of these colors to spin, but this is a good start.
The natural yarn is a wool (not sure what, but soft....feels like merino) and angora blend that was gifted from Reyna.  I debated plying it with something else to stretch the yardage, but finally landed on plying it back on itself....which is beautiful.  I'm not yet finished spinning and already have 465 yards....so I think I'll have plenty for a nice knit.

1 comment:

Liana said...

oooh yes, I have purchased quite a bit of fiber from Dicentra and I agree with you, she does beautiful dye works. Lovely spinning you have there too, can't wait to see and feel it in person.