17 May 2014


Ok...so I have been walking along the shore whenever I get a chance and have noticed that as the sun is starting down after the work day, the fisherman appear.  Tonight I asked a man, "What are you fishing for?".  "Stripers", he's said.  It seems that dusk is the best time to fish for these yummy guys.  Apparently they run a bit small this time of year but he said he would have been happy if he caught a "24 incher". I sat on the beach for such a long time watching them all....cast and reel, cast and reel.  And although the man I spoke with didn't go home with a prize, I couldn't help wonder at his patience.  As he left he said he would be back tomorrow.  "The fish are always there.  I just have to be here when they want to be caught".  He was spent from the work of it, yet content and happy....huge smile on his face.  Ah, fisherman.

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captainhook said...

Wise words from the fisherman! Applies to so much in life!