29 March 2011

Ghost in the Machine

Ok....so sometimes I hear one side of a phone conversation coming from my television....I know, how can that be you're saying, but it's true.  I guess with technology overlapping and flying through every bit of air space....I'm picking up a southern neighbor's phone line.  Thank goodness he's not a chatty Kathy.  However......last night, while watching Castle (has to be done), I heard something odd coming from the TV....so mute....and what do I hear?  Seriously.  Bag pipes playing Amazing Grace.  Now, I love a good bagpipe tune, but really....from the TV?  Where was this coming from?  Was my neighbor playing the pipes over the phone to a friend?  Was I now picking up a radio? Was this from someone else's TV?  And then as suddenly as it began, it stopped and there was silence.  Only conclusion....there is a Scottish ghost in the machine.  I suppose if you're going to have a ghost in the machine a good Scottish one is the one to have.  But when I hear the neighbor talking, he is not Scottish, rather he is very, very southern.  So, ghost it is.  Macbeth you say.......

And while I'm on the subject of the supernatural in my house.....I leave stuff out every night and the fairies are not doing their job.  I thought they were supposed to come in to clean up or cook something or maybe finish my knitting or paint a wall....but nothing.  I think they just party all night.  And Paco, let's not even go there.

Just a couple of pictures of what I considered to be the most beautiful red pepper before Sunday dinner....don't ask.

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