15 March 2011

Introducing.....the Bug

Ok....so there is a new arrival on the estate...the lady bug spinning wheel...aka "the bug" is in the house.  And as of last night, I have completed my first full hank on her, him, it...still working that out.  So far so good.  It is definitely different from Jan's visiting journey, but so far very good.  I'm glad to have the large bobbin now and changing bobbins, although not as easy as the journey, isn't bad at all. 

I learned from Jan that each ladybug wheel has a ladybug in a different spot.  I love where mine is.  Right behind the wheel so I see it all the time I'm spinning. 

Next on the roster has been the name for my new venture in art, which I have been stewing over for a couple of months.....but I think I'm getting closer and will be sharing that info very soon.  You know me, I just have to live with something for a while...try it on....make sure it fits.....

I have also finished my first knitting project with my own handspun.  Here, the lovely Vanna, I mean Liana....is modeling said item.  Not a scarf, not a cowl....but with buttons and a side swagger to it.  I'm just happy the yarn didn't fall apart in my hands as I was knitting, glad it still hasn't fallen apart and am a little more comfortable with actually using the yarn I'm spinning....who'd have believed it...

And last but not least....a new wrap is off the loom and I'm loving it....still.  This one is cotton with a little copper metallic that has a beautiful drape.

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Ash said...

hey gorgeous. you gonna send me that email so i can work on your logo??