21 March 2011


Ok....so today I had to stop by Walgreens to pick up something to calm my sinuses....yes, it's too hot too soon.....anyway....while waiting in line I began to wonder, what do people buy at Walgreens (other than drugs), because they have a little of everything.  I know sometimes I go in there to pick up something medical and walk out with a card or wrapping paper or whatever, just so I don't have to go somewhere else...but do people go in there, not make a medical purchase and shop for other items?  I have always thought of Walgreens as a pharmacy first, but who knows.....   Today while in line, I notice a young woman and man (father, husband...not sure, but he was noticeably older)....and all she was purchasing was a small three pack of underwear (briefs)....so what is the story there?  Thoughts anyone?


Liana said...

Let's see.....

Scenario 1: She dropped off a prescription and has to come back for it because Walgreen's NEVER fills one while you wait, and as she was walking towards the exit, she remembered they needed briefs and might as well get them while I'm here.

Scenario 2: Maybe she really had to go to the bathroom and stopped there to use it and then felt guilty (unlike me) for walking out the door without buying something.

Scenario 3: Maybe she needed a quick charity gift and just happened to be driving by Walgreens.

Scenario 4: Maybe she would normally get said briefs at Walmart but going to Walmart is such a horrid affair that she decided to get them at Walgreens. It's faster, in and out in under 5 minutes.

The scenarios could continue but I fear I might run out of space. I do at times stop at Walgreens (Rite Aid, CVS) to buy something more expensive than it would have been at Walmart, but it saves my knees from walking around Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they saw the price of Vicodin and Cialis...and then needed, you know, clean underwear?