23 January 2012

And We're Off

Ok....so here the adventure begins.  On Sunday Reyna and I left Nashville for sunny Destin, FL in the prequil leg of the january spin-in journey. 
Wait, did I say sunny Destin, FL....I meant foggy.  However, where there are two woman with a mission to be on the beach....there is no weather that will stop them....perhaps the dangerous animal warning flag....nah....  We took a walk on the beach in the fog....listen to the water, knowing the road was to the opposite side and thankful we could see the dangerous sea creatures...man-o-war. 
I have never taken a walk on the beach in the fog, but I must say, I would do it again.  We were dripping, I looked like a wet rat, but no one could see us anyway. 

What was amazing was the color of the ocean.  It looked like sea glass....

Today we were able to have lunch on the beach in....mostly...sunshine.  It's all good where there is seafood, sand and the ocean.

Foggy Bonus....silicone implants washing ashore...


Katherine Hall said...

Memories! Keep in mind...dangerous sea creatures can include sidewase running little crabs! Crab! Crab! Crab!

I'd much rather be walking through heavy fog on the beach in Destin than the frozen beach in Wicklow - it's freezing up here. I will say that the water swells are covered in little pieces of ice - it looks like a million turquoise diamonds riding on the waves - beautiful!!!

Have fun you two!

Karen said...

Aside from finding implants, I hope you're all having fun, fun, fun!