15 January 2012

Project Update

Ok....so here are a few finished projects....the first is a woven scarf I made for Mum for Christmas.  Could not post before now because she actually reads this blog.  Mohair boucle....soft, light, airy and beautiful. 

Second, a scarf made of my handspun for Colleen's birthday.  The fibre was from Daily Fibers (Jan rocks with the color) and the pattern my own...check it out here

The third is just completed....the Vermont Shawl in MissBabs Northumbria.  I started this shawl in October while at SAFF with Jan and Darlene.  It was a gorgeous fall day....sunshine, conversation, yarn winding and a diet soda.....beautiful.
I've also been spinning a bit....here is some cormo...so soft and perfect for the lace wrap I've been thnking about.  I bought this roving while at the Michigan Fiber Festival in August.  I'm so pleased with how it came out.  It was a challenge for me to spin, but a joy...so soft.

And some lump Stone House, dyed by Lynne Vogel.  I have bought enough of this colorway in a mohair boucle for a coat....wait until you see that.  But this little bit will be a scarf to go with my coat.
A little bit of bombyx silk and rayon....soft, beautiful....and plenty of yardage.  Also from Lynne.  This one will be for sale soon.

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