11 January 2012


Ok...epiphany....a sudden realization of a significant truth.....
I have too much yarn in my house,
I have too many projects started,
I want to start more projects,
I have too much fibre in my house,
I want to spin more fibre,
Spinning more fibre makes more yarn in my house,

Conclusion...too many truths, not enough hours in my day and too much real work is keeping me away from reducing and replenishing my stash.  Amen!


Worldygirl (Jan) said...

It's all good, as you say...but we do need more hours in a day :)

Liana said...

I'm cracking up as I reading this as it's so true. Way too much stash, yarn and fiber.

LeAnn said...

Real work sucks! Need more time for fiber!