31 January 2012

Bird Food

Ok...I know you're all anxious to see picks from the trip and those are coming.  But today a quick note about returning home.  It was nice to get home, but it's quiet here...no ocean lapping at the beach. 
However, although I intuitively know what happens to the bird food I put in the feeder, I now have the proof.  And let's just be clear here that moving the feeder away from a tree is useless. 

At first I thought this was bad, then I noticed that whatever the squirrels ( I know they're evil, Kathy) dropped, the doves were eating.  As a matter of fact....there were many birds eating from the ground that don't prefer the feeder.  So, maybe by letting it ride I help out the other birds....or so I told myself.
Please note in this last shot he is looking directly at me.  I know he's there, he knows I know he's there....he doesn't care and today, neither do I.

PS....the furry white belly is pretty cute.

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