02 February 2012

Destin - The Beginning

Ok.....so you have by now seen the intense fog shots....only that severe for one day.  Little by little the weather improved over the course of the week.  This did NOT stop me from going to the beach for a walk....what were you thinking.  We did have fairly cloudy days, but it was amazing how quickly the weather moved through.

This beginning period was spent exploring the Sandestin area and especially the 30-A scenic beach route.  Beautiful little towns and shops....groovy places to grab a bite, sand and....the sea.  We had lunch on a deck by the beach, found a groovy little bookshop, Sundog Books and....walked the beach. 
The little shopping area on the beach presented me with the mermaids I was seeking.

We also had lunch at a little place, Another Broken Egg, which I now know is all over and yummy.  Definitely a do-over.
We drove through Alys Beach, a new development with beautiful homes all like the estate homes in Bermuda...white and iron...stunning.

Our hotel was located by the bayou, so we also did a little inland exploring.  The area was wharfs and boats and....a scary little island......Jolee Island Nature Park.  Prior to crossing the bridge there is a sign for you to identify all the snakes in the area.....well, before even crossing, that sort of sealed the deal for me.  Also we were the only ones there.  Because we arrived near sunset, it was pretty crossing the bridge.....because we arrived near sunset it was creepy and I kept hearing the music from Deliverance in my head.  We didn't stay long, but the photo is great.

Also in the same area was a pier that was very long into the bayou and beautiful at that time of night.

I have posted additional photos and a small surf video here.

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