27 February 2012

Random Thoughts

Ok....seriously, just random.....

1.  I wonder how many books the library could buy if everyone actually paid their fees?  What if people were not allowed to check out books if they had fees do?  Every time I go to the library....which is often....there are at least one or two people at the counter being informed of outstanding fees....pay your fees people.

2.  Do you really think that if your car is covered with snow, clearing a circle in front of your face will be the best for driving?

3.  If you're getting a manicure, is it essential to try to text?  Perhaps it's about accomplishing something that seems impossible with just polished nails.  Perhaps some cannot just enjoy that moment of peace.

4.  Why is it when you plan a beach trip it rains?  I have to sneak up on the beach next time.

5.  Is it necessary to bring your lawn chair to the post office to lounge while you wait?

1 comment:

Katherine Hall said...

You're so funny ("You're munny, Kuma!"). I love the way you think. We're soooo related...