23 February 2012

The Magic of Monkeys

Ok.....so today I would like to share a little magic from my Tuesday.  I received a birthday card from my little man and....yes....he drew my picture.  I understand from Kathy (the little monkey's mother) that this is his first picture of a person.  Now before we go any further, let's be clear...I do not have 100 eyes (a la spider head), but perhaps this is what he sees when he looks at me...perhaps I am more watchful than he would like....or perhaps it was just fun to make that many dots.  Also, my hair is not very geometrical, although he seems to have captured the volume.  I love this picture as I love my little monkey.  PS....if your legs come out of your smile, the result is no fat...perfect.

Magic is a sudden opening of the mind to the wonder of existence.  It is a sense that there is much more to life than we usually recognize; that we do not have to be confined by the limited views that our family, our society, or our own habitual thoughts impose on us; that life contains many dimensions, depths, textures, and meanings extending far beyond our familiar beliefs and concepts.  - John Welwood Ordianary Magic


Liana said...

LOVE this card and I just adore your little man. I hope to meet him someday. Don't you wish you could look through his eyes and see what he sees?

Katherine Hall said...

His wonder and amazement at life is presented to me daily in the way he expresses himself with brazen innocence! I love being able to even get a glimpse of how he sees things! Makes me a better person and brings me back to what's important in life - loving and understanding those around us who mean so much.