15 February 2012

Project Update

Ok....just a few things I've been working on.  As usual, more projects on the needles, wheel and loom than completed.  The hanks of yarn were started at the spin-in and completed at home.  The wrap is a larger size...much larger....of the one I did for Mum this fall. 

#1 - Daily Fibers Krispy Kale....yum.  Seriously, none of the pictures here do any of these justice.
This is a BFL/Tussah Silk blend.

#2 - Gale's Art Scarab.  Ok....I've been eyeballing this for a bit and finally just went for it.  The camera seems to favor the mustard color, but it's more balanced than it appears. 

#3  - River's Edge Cochise.  Again, pictures = nice, but not rich enough.  The entire time I was spinning this it looked as if I were being fed different colors of chocolate. 
It's so rich and beautiful  It is plied with a shimmery rayon thread...much yardage here and fine.
#4 - This beautiful grey merino/tussah silk blend is called silver dollar.  It's so soft and has a bit of shimmer.  I have been thinking that I like it spun as singles better than I do plied, however, it was pointed out to me that I might like it better knitted...could be true. 
#5 - Runaway by Erudite Fibers - picked this up at SAFF and finally started spinning it last month.  It is so soft and gorgeous.  I love the many colors and think this will stripe nicely as spun. 
I plied it with a complimentary rayon that will give it great drape.....and because I went crazy thin, there is a ton of yardage....which I love.
Finally, a large, soft and luscious wrap in mohair merino boucle. 

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