06 February 2012

Perdido Key - Phase Two

Ok....so mid-week we had to check out of one hotel and into another....what a better way to spend the time between than a little excursion to Perdido Key for a great po' boy and more beach time.

I have very fond memories of visiting Perdido Key with Kathy so this was a little nostalgic.  Although much has changed since the hurricanes, so much is the same.  Because the Key is mostly state park, so much is natural and remains free of the apartment buildings that have flooded so much of the panhandle.  It's only a few hundred yards wide at most places and 16 miles long.  It means "lost key".  It's beautiful. 

One of my favorite memories is taking a little drive to a road under the inter coastal bridge to a fish monger called Nix Brothers.  In the parking lot is a food truck with the best po' boys....yummmmmm.  Good to know some things haven't changed.  And....royal reds.....these are amazing, huge and sweet shrimp.  We wanted to pick up some to share with the gang back in Destin and we had coolers, but they were full of left-over shrimp fried rice from the evening before....well, it didn't take long for us to ditch that rice for the shrimp.  They were wonderful!

While on our beach walk, we came across some washed up squid.  Now, I contemplated....I could pick them up, take them back, clean them, soak them, cook them....then I took a few pictures and walked on. 

We also came across some fishermen who were surrounded by herons.  If you'd spent any time on the panhandle you know there are many herons and pelicans.  Perdido Key always has herons on the beach....they eat what you leave and they really don't seem to be that afraid of people...hey, if there's some fish in it.  These herons were so close to this man while he was preparing his bait.  A couple followed him right into the water.  One ate off his cooler when he turned his back.  I do think he threw them some scraps....was fun to watch.

More pics here.

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